آنت قصّة العِشق الوحيـــــّده التي لآخآتمه لهآ بقليّ


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Ashish & Sanaya SBS 17thapril2014

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Team Saet Byul ♥


Team Saet Byul 

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God’s Gift 14 Days

(Spoilers) Oh No Show, You can’t break up Team Saet Byul! I know Everyone wants the romance between Dong Chan and Soo Hyun but I’d be just happy with them keeping the Scooby Gang intact once they find Saet Byul! Can you imagine what an amazing crime solving unit they’d be? 

But I Love how real the Conflict is. This is not the usual run of the mill plot device to keep the couple apart. By having them involved in each other’s problems from the get go, they both know and care for the other’s point of view which makes the stand off now even more painful. 

Do I sort of see Dong Chan caving in before Soo Hyun? Yes. Do I think they should trust each other and work to save both Saet Byul and Dong Chan’s brother? Hell Yes! Please show,can we  have Team Saet Byul (And Dong Ho) back together again?!

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"One of the two must disappear for this to end."

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-Lagta hai toofan ane wala hai…

-lo, Aa gaya toofan’ (and here comes the storm)

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itna haq toh banta hai na mera…Pati hooon!!!

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